The first row indicates the column header. The yellow row indicates the cell type (text, date, etc) and describes the column content; the 3rd row presents sample data. The yellow row (Row #2) should not be included in the uploaded file.

To download an import template, click here, or open the application, click the Settings menu, open the Import tab and click the Template button located in the Import Staff section.



To assign staff to multiple schools/groups and/or sub-groups, enter school/group names separated by a semicolon (ie: School1;School2;).


  1. If a schools/groups is listed in the ‘School’ column then the user will have access to the entire school/group and all subgroups. The school/group names can be left blank if there is one or more sub-groups listed in the 'Subgroups/Class' column. 

  2. Subgroups/Class names will need to be fully qualified and prefixed with the parent school/group name (eg: “School 1 - Class ABC; School 1 - Class DEF”).

  3. To link a staff  to only one class/subgroup, enter the main school/group name followed by the subgroup name (eg: “School 1 - Class ABC”).