Step 1 - Create the questionnaire

Open the global settings, tap Questionnaire settings and tap the green cross located in the bottom left corner. To clone an existing questionnaire, select the green cross located next the Delete icon (red cross)

Step 2 - Define questionnaire permissions

All staff users can access the questionnaire

Only administrative & medical users can access the questionnaire from the Questionnaire menu

Only users with medical users can access the questionnaire from within the Health section

Step 3 - Set up the questionnaire

Add categories, questions and answers

Associating answers with numeric codes (optional)

If you wish to export questionnaire answers as numerical codes instead of text, enter a number in the 'Code' field. When the "code" is set, it will replace the answer’s text on the exported file.


If you wish to export the questionnaire selected answers' text, and not a code representing the answer, DO NOT enter a code. This doesn’t apply to other questionnaire exports (wellness, weekly health survey, etc). For these questionnaires, the answer’s text is automatically included in the export.

Step 4 - Add questionnaire scoring (optional)

Configure the questionnaire scoring system and interpretation