Reminders and notifications are effective ways to improve compliance with data collection, remind participants who forgot to complete the daily questionnaire, and record post-activity data. They can also be used to send alerts when participants  are reporting an injury or when a new message or note has been sent.

By default, FITSTATS sends reminders via email, push notification and, if your account has SMS sending enabled (paid option), text messages.

Participants and staff users can select the way they receive these messages by opening their user profile, scrolling down to the Receive alerts & notifications section, selecting the sending method of their choice and clicking Save.

Staff can select the sending method of their choice but can also deselect all sending methods. In this case, no reminders, alerts and notifications will be sent. Participants must select at least one sending method

To limit spam and overwhelming participants and staff with unwanted messages, only use one reminder sending method (email, or sms or push notification), and only activate the most important reminders.

To configure reminders and notifications, open School/Group Preferences-Reminders and select Activate. 

Wellness questionnaire reminder: reminds participants to complete their daily wellness questionnaire
Training reminder: reminds participants to complete RPE for sessions that occurred the day before
Send daily program: emails a list of daily sessions to participants 
Send every: day(s) during which the reminders above will be sent
Time of the day: time of the day at which the reminders above will be sent

Weekly health survey reminder: Only available when injury surveillance is activated

Time of the day: time of the day at which the weekly health survey is sent to participants.

To define the day at which the weekly health survey must be completed by athletes, scroll down, open the Injury Surveillance (OSTRC) section and select the appropriate Day of Week option.

New health problem: type of notification sent when a new health problem is reported
Health problem update: type of notification used to send when a new health problem is updated
Type of Health Problem: type of problem that triggers alerts. All health problems (any problem recorded by participants) or substantial problems only (time-loss problems only)

Custom questionnaire reminder: type of reminder sent the day at which a custom questionnaire must be completed
Post-session reminder: reminds participants to record their RPE immediately after the end of each planned sessions
How long after session: time after which the participants post-session reminder are sent
Session update: Send a notification to participants each time a planned session is modified
New media file: Send a notification to participants and /or staff each time a video/document is added via the Media sharing
Messages: Send a notification every time a message is sent to participants and/or staff

Customizing Welcome email invitations

You can now customize email invitations sent to newly registered users by entering your own custom welcome email in the New account invitation section.




Welcome the MySportOrganization – FITSTATS Covid-19 Monitoring On-line App.  


This daily questionnaire is required to assist in the safety and well-being of each athlete, coach and traveler that is a part of the MySportOrganization  group. 

Below we have listed a link to allow you to register with our screening system.   

URL Link:  

Username:         Sample - BillyBob

Password:          Sample - Password1

1.    Once you have registered you will click on the Questionnaire icon and complete the Covid-19 Waiver form.  You will need to read, sign and submit this form. This should be completed before you can continue with the system.

2.    Then you will go to the Wellness - Covid-19 Questionnaire.  

3.    You will receive an email or a push notification every morning from  Please click the link to fill out your first Wellness - Covid-19 Questionnaire.  

4.    You will then receive an email each morning during the trip in Orlando to repeat the Daily Covid-19 Questionnaire.    

John Doe

Director of coaching