Step 1 - Link you Polar Flow account to FITSTATS

  • Login on your FITSTATS account
  • Go to your AthleteMonitoring settings/profile
  • Click the "Link Polar Flow Data"
  • Log into your Polar Flow account if prompted to
  • Agree to the "Terms and Conditions"
  • Click "Accept"

Step 2 - Transferring Polar Flow data

  • Upload your exercise data from your Polar device to Polar Flow
  • Open FITSTATS and record a planned or unplanned session for the same date as your Polar Flow exercise data
  • Next to the Polar icon, tap on the desired exercise data to import
  • Enter the other data as normal (RPE, enjoyment, etc). 
  • Save

If you have uploaded your session data on Polar Flow and can't find the Polar button on FITSTATS, contact your teacher or supervisor.