Survey / questionnaires can be completed by student / participants and / or staff at anytime. To make it happen, select the Questionnaire option from the School / Group menu, assign the questionnaire to the right individuals and start collecting answers.

Step 1 - Open the questionnaire module 

Step 2 - Assign questionnaire to respondents: athletes, staff or both

If you select Completed by students / participants, the questionnaire will be visible by students / participants. Results will be viewable by staff users.

If you select Staff, , the questionnaire will not be visible on the students / participants' app.  

To assign a questionnaire to both staff and students / participants, select the ‘Both’ option when assigning the questionnaire. Students / participants will be able to save answers and staff will be able to open the questionnaire (marked as ‘incomplete’) and add his/her comments.

To send a questionnaire multiple times, click on the date box and select multiple dates.

If you want a reminder to be sent to respondents, enter a valid date in the 'To be completed on'  and select the sending mode in School / Group settings-Custom questionnaire reminders

Important: All unanswered questionnaires will automatically be deleted after 28 days 

Step 3 - Collect Answers

When a questionnaire is assigned to staff, it can be completed by tapping on the yellow button. When a questionnaire is assigned to a student / participant, he/she'll have to tap the yellow button that will appear on the app. 

Completing a questionnaire is very easy. Just answer the questions and enter the requested information. Once done, tap Submit.