The Garmin integration allows participants to easily transfer session data into FITSTATS from any Garmin device.

Once imported, Garmin data is automatically viewable in team and individual dashboards, graphs and reports.

Activating the Garmin integration

  • Open "School / Group Preferences" for the desired group.
  • Under "General"->"Modules" activate "Garmin integration" and save (if this option is not available, please contact us to activate the Garmin integration on your FITSTATS  account).

Automatically syncing Garmin data with FITSTATS

Once a participant registers a session on his/her device, and the device is linked to a Garmin Connect account, the data is automatically sent to FITSTATS. New Garmin activities are also automatically added to School / Group Preferences -Activities.

If you wish to have unplanned, participant-reported Garmin sessions automatically added to the calendar and the corresponding data synced with FITSTATS set the Automatically create sessions from synced data? option to Yes.

In this case, a new session will automatically be created on the participant's calendar and Garmin data attached to it.

If you are planning sessions for your participants and wishes to have Garmin data imported only when participants are recording the session's RPE, without creating new sessions on the calendar, set the Automatically create sessions from synced data? option to No.

Customizing Garmin data fields

  • Garmin data fields will be automatically created as custom fields under "Training Forms". These fields will be used to host the Garmin data.
  • To activate a data field select the Show button
  • If there are data fields you don't need, simply delete them by clicking on the red cross.
  • You can also change the field unit and ACWR formulas used to analyze each metric and produce alerts.
  • DO NOT rename the Garmin fields
  • DO NOT select the Imported button

Recording RPE for unplanned, automatically-synced sessions

Once the session is recorded on the device, and transferred to Garmin Connect, open the FITSTATS calendar, click on the newly created session containing Garmin data, click/press the yellow button to display the session details, select the RPE value and save.

Recording RPE for planned, manually-synced sessions

  • After a session, participant record his/her exercise data on their Garmin device. It is then transferred onto their Garmin Connect account.
  • Then,  he/she opens FITSTATS calendar, and press the yellow button representing the session to record.
  • When Garmin data is found for the selected day, each Garmin session will be represented by a button
  • Participant should press the button matching the exercise session to import, enter the other information as normal (RPE, additional training variables, etc) and save the session.

Viewing session data

Once the session is saved, open the calendar, click on a session containing Garmin data, and click/press the Garmin logo to display the session details. 

To zoom in and view details, click on the graph and select a period. To export session data, click Export.