Opening the planning calendar

To open the planning calendar, select the Program option of the School/Group menu. 

This page includes a graphical overview of the load planned for both physical activity, training and competitive events. It  will also allow you to create and share sessions with groups and participants/students.

The Activity Load graph

This graph compares the physical load of planned sessions and the demand of the highest load of upcoming competitive events (target). It helps you fine-tune your programs and ensure that participants are fully prepared to meet the demand of competition.

This graph can be used to compare metrics such as sRPE loads, GPS measures, etc. measured during training (grey bars) and the value of such metrics planned for competitive events (orange bar and dotted line).

All metrics activated in the Team settings – Training Forms-Custom fields can be used. The Acute:Chronic Workload Ratio (ACWR) and the Freshness Index (Chronic Load minus Acute Load) is also calculated.

Important: To be viewed as ‘Competition’ the session must contain an activity listed under the ‘Competition’ category. Other sessions are displayed as ‘Physical Activity’.

To display a different metric, click the Settings icon located above the graph.