To add individual and group sessions in just a few seconds, click on a white cell in the calendar, select the athletes, activity, dates, etc. and click the Add session button. Once added to the calendar, sessions are automatically sent to the athletes’ app.

Editing planned sessions

To better adapt your program on a daily basis, you can edit planned sessions for entire team or individual athletes.

To modify a planned session, click on the session from the calendar, and select the appropriate options

Importing sessions

For more details about the import / export capabilities, please visit this FAQ

Deleting sessions

To delete individual sessions, click on the session from the calendar and press the Delete (red) button.

To batch delete sessions, click on the X icon located in the top right corner of the calendar, select the athletes, the date range and press Delete.

Modifying the activity colors

Colors are specific to each category of activities. To use your preferred colors, open School Preferences, Activities and select your color. When the calendar shows programs for several group, each group will be represented by a different color.