If the Workout Builder  is enabled on your account, you can select preset workouts, exercises, loading schemes and configure specific exercise details when adding new sessions to the calendar. 

To create a program, first open the Team planning page and click on an empty cell.

Adding a single exercise

From the Exercise finder tab, click on the exercise name on or drag and drop the exercise onto the program. 

Replacing an exercise

To replace an exercise, drag and drop the exercise on the name of the existing one.


Linking two or more exercises / creating supersets

Link two or more exercises is extremely easy. Simply add the exercises on the top of each other and click the Link icon.

Adding a workout template

Open the Workout finder tab and click on the template you'd like to add on the program (only exercises can be added by drag and drop)

If you have selected multiple dates and your loading scheme contains multiple weeks, periodized loading parameters will be automatically assigned for each individual session

Once all exercises have been added, verify your program, make any necessary changes and click Add session. Athletes can now view your program details and record workouts