You can send and receive secure messages from/to staff and participants anytime from within the app by pressing the Messages icon located at the top of your screen. 

Messages are automatically displayed on the recipient's app who can then read them and reply. An email or sms notification such as the one below can be sent automatically to each message recipient. The way notifications are sent is explained at the end of this tutorial.

Sending messages

To send a message, open the Compose tab, select one or more recipients, enter your message and press Send.

To deselect multiple teams and/or athletes, just hold CTRL on Windows or Command on Mac, and click on the school/group, student/participant or staff to deselect.

To allow athletes to send message to other student/participant from the same school/group, open your School Preferences-General-Messaging and set Allow peer messaging to Yes.

Reading messages

To read a message, open the Inbox tab. Tap on the message to view message details. To reply to the message scroll down, enter your reply and press Send. To print a message or an entire conversation, select the ... menu and the Print option.

Archiving messages

To archive a message, open the Sent tab, open the menu and select the Archive option

Delecting and unarchiving messages

To delete, unarchive a message (move to inbox), open the Archive tab, open the menu and select the appropriate option

Setting notification options

To change the way you receive message notifications (email, sms, both, no notifications), open your profile and select the appropriate option in the Receive alerts and notifications list.