FITSTATS allows health practitioners to track injuries and illnesses and securely manage health records, soap notes and more.

Note: Diagnosis assignment is only accessible by users with administrator or medical accounts and only users defined as Administrators can delete incidents.

To record a new illness or injury, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Health option from the team menu
  2. Click the Report Health Problem
  3. Select an athlete and the type of incident
  4. Click on the body map
  5. Under the body map, select the level of pain, affected structure and diagnosis
  6. Fill out the other options and tap Save.

To assign a diagnosis, open the Health tab from the Team dashboard, and click on the Undiagnosed red link to open the incident. Then in the Summary tab, click Edit, and follow the instructions. To save the changes, click the Update button located at the bottom of the screen.