Use this option when you want participants to self-signup on your FITSTATS account from a link placed on our website or shared via email. Self-signup forms are school/group-specific. 

Implementing self-signup pages is very easy. It can be done in 3 simple steps:

1) Activate the self-signup page 

Open Team settings-General settings, set the Student/Participant/Athlete Self-signup button to Activate and Save. 


2) Copy and share the signup link 

Open Team settings-General settings, copy the Signup link, add it on your website or email it to participants

3) Start collecting registrations

When a participant clicks the signup link, the form below is automatically displayed. After participant  has completed the form and clicked Create Account, an email confirmation message is automatically sent to the entered email address. 

The confirmation message will include the participant's login username and a link to create a personalized password. Once the password is created, the participant  will be able to login and to start using FITSTATS.